We tried to get something new which is brand to international market like neighbouring countries doing. Something I’ve found is a country which has exports own product to international market to they think Cambodia can collaborate with the big factory which in other country to export foods and beverages like the other countries in the world. I know Cambodia need strong business manager and commit if it can exports great product to international market and develop national country we’ve been chosen a factory is Guangzhou Chunxiang Biotechnology Co,Ltd located at Shiji Town Panyu district Guangzhou city was created in May 2015.it is the general food company and healthy food include R & D.

Production and sales. company covered on area more than 10000 square meter and their company covered on a lot of kind product likes biscuits hard drinks liquid drinks candy and healthy food which have ability to produce and annual process 2000 tons. All of products have been tested by Quality.

Department and Micro-organisms Heavy metals Humidity indicator Exports Certificate. Management of company is seriously focus on market oriented services technology invention is one quality way is lifeline of outstanding ideas to give food which is quality safety and healthy to users. It has been seriously managed we follow the quality system GMP to ensure that product which produce is complete the requirements market national and international.


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As we know, snacks are providing good taste and convenient to carry. That is why we started researching the ingredients to produce healthy snacks and good taste for our beloved customers.

We understand that our customers were looking to have high-quality snacks with our Cambodian brand, which is also easy to find anywhere such as supermarkets, grocery stores, mini-marts, and other public places. We are here to solve the problems, so now you can grab it with you from the nearest stores.

At the same time, we are also providing opportunities to the local sellers to bring our products in stock at reasonable prices. We guarantee that our products have good quality and safe to consume.

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We are looking to provide more product ranges in the area of food & beverage market and expanding to other continents including ASEAN, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America​ in the next 10 years.

Meet Our Founder

Sereyboth Sous


This article describes the role of Mr. Sereybuth

Currently, it is a very exciting time in a fast-growing economy of Cambodia. The Kingdom of Cambodia is approaching an incredible future despite the current Covid-19 pandemic. I have spent my youth learning about the business and trying to bring something new and innovative that is a symbol of our country into international market like what our neighboring countries are doing. I have learnt that a country needs to export its products to the international market so that everyone knows Cambodia can export foods just like every other country in the world. I know that Cambodia needs business leaders that are strong and committed in order to export excellent products into international market and develop as a nation. The proud and optimistic youth of Cambodia is the driving force behind the re-emergence of a great country.  With the stability of our government, commitment of our free market functioning properly and the rule of law in Cambodia, have made us to become one of the most dynamic countries in Asia and ASEAN. The creation of my company reflects the journey of my nation. I started from nothing, along the way, I have start up foods and services companies to be the most strategic gateway to support the local demand and also export of Cambodia’s product to the world market. In the last 5 years, we have established foods delivery service company with many local well-known partners in our country’s market. The foundation of our success is built on transparency, good governance and social conscience. Although, Cambodia still has a long way to go, we have everything it takes to become one of the best countries in Asia for decades to come. There are important opportunities for the export of goods and beverages, both locally and internationally. Investors in the country today will benefit from this rapidly developing country for decades to come. We at 9091 Foods & Beverages Co., Ltd. are pleased to continue to bring local products, that symbolize our country, into the international market. We welcome expertise who wish to be our logistic partners to export our products domestically and internationally. The company also welcomes business partners and we are in the position of providing high quality products to the local and foreign partners.

Surs Sereybuth, Founder, President and CEO